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Clown Loach (special order)

Clown Loach (special order)

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Temperament: peaceful, community friendly 

Tank mates: Discus, Rainbows, Barb, Platies, Tetra, plecos,bristlenose and other Loaches. Avoid keeping with Goldfish, snails, shrimp as they can be eaten

Diet: omnivore, sinking pellets, frozen or live micro bloodworm, Brine Shimp, Daphina, algae wafers, Spinach and lettice

Water parameters: pH levels 6.5 - 7.5 medium hardness (100 - 200ppm)

Substrate use fine sand and/or fine gravel as they are bottom feeders and love a well planted tank with hide, plants include Christmas moss, Anubias, Java moss, Java fern, Cryptocoryne Wendtii and Amazon Sword and others like these.

Water temperature: 22-26 ⁰C

Adult size: 7 -8cm and can live upto 10yrs 

Tank size: 3 to 6 in a 75 litre 


Omnivore, flakes and ciclid pellets

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