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Dwarf Panda guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

Dwarf Panda guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

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Bred instore 

The colors are just showing up and still coming throw as they grow.

Tank mates:Mollies, mystery snails, Platies, Corydoras, Females Betta fish, bristlenose plecos, Dwarf Gourami, Siamese algae eater, Swordtail, Noen Tetras, neocaridina shrimp, Angel fish, Harle Quin Raspbora, rummy ummy nose Tetras, zebra Danio, Amber Tetras, cardinal Tetras, Dwarf Noen rainbow fish, Nerite snails, Otocinclus catfish and Kuhli Loaches.

Diet; omnivorous, fish flakes & Algae wafers, baby brine shrimp, micro worms, daphnia infusoria, vinegar eels, insect larva, frozen blood worm.

Water parameters: 7 to 8.5 PH 

Water temperature: 18-27.7 Degrees 

Adult size: 2.5cm Males and 4-5cm Females

30l tank would suit 5 dwarf panda guppies just as longs as the males don't out way the females as they will literally pester females to an exhaustive death.



Omnivore, flakes and ciclid pellets

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