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Pygmaeus Corydoras

Pygmaeus Corydoras

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Tank Mates: Noen Tetras, Rasbora, Cherry Barbs, Nerite snail, Swordtail fish, Otocinculs catfish, Shrimp, Kuhli Loach, Honey Gourami and Hatchet fish.

Diet: omnivoreShrimp pellets, Brine Shimp, Topical Flakes, Algae wafers, Bloodworms, blackworms, sinking nano pellets and Mosquito Larve.

Water Parameters: 6.4-7.5 PH 

Water Temperatures: 22-26 Degrees

Average Adult size 1.8cm for males and 2.5cmfemales

Tank size: 38l tank minimum with at least 8 -12 Corydoras so they can group up and not be so scared.


Omnivore, flakes and ciclid pellets

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